A weekend of epic proportions.


17/08/2010 by etiennefish

Okay dear blog, it’s been awhile. I’m sorry. I like you, really I do, and if I’m being honest with myself about the situation, it’s not you  it’s me, I swear.

Here’s the problem- life has gotten busy, especially work. Lately I’ve taken on some new projects. Which I’m sort of loving. But it means that I’m spending most of my time learning about social marketing (help. Someone. Please?!?!) and starting a new work blog (www.icmhd.wordpress.com) (sorry to all facebook friends who keep getting blasted by work blog updates), and designing brochures for the office, and not doing my own writing and blogging like I would like to be. To top it all off, we don’t have internet at the new place, which is honestly sort of amazing, but also horrible. It’s nice to focus on other things than internet-y stuff when getting home, and I’m enjoying coming to work in the morning with the prospect of all sorts of exciting things waiting for me in my inbox. But, it’s been difficult in terms of getting blog posts done, applying to jobs/universities, emailing/skyping friends and family, and of course, watching all my TV shows…. I’ve also delayed putting up posts because I like adding photos, and up until now, I couldn’t figure out how to do it because I used up my wordpress quota. ANYWAY, it’s sorted, so now I have no more excuses, and I’m ready to dive back in, because blog, I miss you.

So, as promised, I bring you photos of our new amazing house!

The new lounge. It looks a bit like it's out of an old horror film. Yes, we live in a time warp, and its mostly amazing.

My new bedroom (which was still being unpacked in the photo) has ten thousand patterns in it. And pirate ship curtains. Just saying

My housemates new room (also in the middle of being unpacked). What you're not seeing are the many jesus photos/crucifixes.

This is what Azreal does upon moving somewhere new- stake out the best place to get in the way

This is what Puck does when move into a new house- hide under a chair.

I forgot to take photos of our impressively large/fabulous garden. Unfortunately it’s been doing a lot of raining lately, so I will have to wait for a better day.

In other news, me and the new housemates are moved in fully now, and we felt the need to share our amazing house with the world. Thus, we scheduled a barbecue last weekend to celebrate. After having an crazy night out the night before (think- getting amazing tapas and sangria in Eaux Vives, watching 9 at the open-air cinema overlooking the lake (gor-geous!), all followed by a night of drag queens, dancing, drinks, and debauchery (4 of the most important ‘ds’ ever), we dragged ourselves out of bed in the morning (i.e. mais ou menos 1pm) and spent the day madly collecting the necessary items to prepare the best barbecue ever. Just as we finally got home, after doing far more shopping than I need to do ever again in my life, it started raining. Like really raining. Hard. Not be discouraged, we cleared out the lounge of extra furniture and cats, and decided to host everyone there, and just grill in the garage. I’m not going to lie. It was a pretty good night. And we made some damn good food if I do say so myself. I’m pretty sure everyone had a great time, and that the bar for future barbecues just got a little higher. This is all I really could have asked for. Because we were having such a great time though, not may photos were taken. Which, is probably for the best. Here are a few from earlier on in the evening. Be prepared for future parties that may or may not involve piñatas, mustaches, monocles and so, so much more.

Some friends at our housewarming BBQ. We got rained it, but it was still fun.

Another view.

Smiles! But I'm sad they're leaving me. 😦

And again. This photo looks like it was taken in another era.

A preview of good things to come...

2 thoughts on “A weekend of epic proportions.

  1. ace says:

    i love the pics of your new place! you seem really happy. 🙂

  2. […] This is also around the time I moved into the time capsule of a house that I currently live in. Here’s the photos from the  first of a number of parties: A weekend of epic proportions. […]

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