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16/09/2009 by etiennefish

So after at least of week of dithering about and pretending that I was going to come up with something amazingly deep and meaningful to start this blog out with, I have reached an understanding that somehow seems prophetic in terms of my general life to come; I have nothing deep, meaningful, or probably particularly interesting to say, and that is absolutely okay. So, with that delightful sentiment firmly lodged in the front of my mind, I figured it was now or never, shit or get off the pot, and I have taken the dive off the deep end. My life is in chaos, I have returned from one country, and am planning to permanently vacate this one, to move on to a third/fourth/fifth/etc, I feel as though any and all roots that I have tried to put down since I can remember have atrophied into uselessness, and I’m floundering in a city I love, yet have nothing to do in without a job or class to attend. Furthermore, I am currently recovering (I hope) from swine flu, and have spent the past week lying about moaning between my sofa and my bed. I have also recently reached that point in my life, where I am finally mature enough to realise that I in fact have no idea what I’m supposed to be doing with my life, but still naive enough to hope that if I continue doing my best to stick around in neverland, attempting to never grow up, then maybe someone will come along and sort it all out for me. Awesome.

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