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  1. Tropical Storm Emily, the adventures continue. (part 2)

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    04/08/2011 by etiennefish

    So our night at the base passed us by completely uneventfully. Aside from a short hard rain burst at some …
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  2. Tropical Storm Emily and the night time adventure at the base. Part 1.

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    04/08/2011 by etiennefish

    This is the story of the night (as in right now at this very instant), when myself and The Canadian, …
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  3. You know you’re in Haiti When… Some happenings of the last 24ish hours.

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    19/07/2011 by etiennefish

    You know you’re in Haiti when:    A quick jaunt out for supper turns into 2 hours of waiting for …
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  4. Haiti: tales of a nearly perfect sunday.

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    19/04/2011 by etiennefish

    I woke up, far too early, and the world was dark and quiet. Quiet except for the rain pelting down …
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  5. Life in Haiti: Traffic lights, cutting grass with scissors, and Port au Prince envy.

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    12/04/2011 by etiennefish

    Okay first off, I was going to write a story about things that’ve been going on with life in Jacmel, …
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  6. Life in Jacmel: a dish of work, with a side of more work, and a pinch of carnival amazingness


    06/03/2011 by etiennefish

    Okay, so I’ve now heard from multiple sources that they are under the impression that all I’ve managed since arriving …
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  7. Carnaval in Jacmel, Haiti- bright festive and amazing


    24/02/2011 by etiennefish

    So last Sunday, we checked out some of the carnaval festivities. We didn’t really see things as they got too …
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