Into the land of chocolate and cow bells


03/11/2009 by etiennefish

I have to keep repeating to myself- I live in Switzerland, I live in Switzerland, I live in Switzerland. What an odd thought. Yet, as of right now, I must begin to think of this as my home, albeit possibly a temporary one. It feels fairly surreal, however, and I’ve not yet quite wrapped my brain around the idea.

My arrival here was marked only by the grey drizzly day that turned into the grey drizzly afternoon and evening. The temperature didn’t reach above 8 degrees celcius, and I found myself grateful that New Orleans had recently at least cooled enough to keep me from absolutely freezing here. My exhausted jet lagged self spent today at my new work, and had a good lay in on the sofa, wrapped up in a bright gabi, brought back from Ethiopia, had a delicious lunch with my new officemates, and lugged my embarrassingly large amount of luggage up to my new room, from which I write these words now.

My room is tiny, not even studio sized. I have a small twin bed, a desk with a lamp, a wardrobe, a bookshelf, and a sink and mirror. I’m surprised all my things fit as well as they do (I have already decorated with various photos and New Orleans paraphernalia, and put away my many things).  The shower and toilet are in separate locations in the hall, and there are shared refrigerators (with a space for each individual’s food) and kitchens on the ground floor, as well as a lounge and tv room. There is probably laundry somewhere as well (I vaguely remember this being mentioned), and possibly a computer room with free internet. I have not yet met any of the other people living here, but I am told it is student housing for students and interns from the southern hemisphere, and for others who are here working on development issues.

As I prepare to put myself to sleep, I muse that what my room lacks in size/conveniences, it makes up in location. The foyer is located right near the train station, in an area that I already know how to navigate, which I know will make my first few days or so infinitely easier. Additionally, I’m living on the top floor, nestled into the eaves of the corner of the building, and my room feels snug, warm, and cosy, despite being a bit bland.


Autumn in Switzerland

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