My adventures in Switzerland: a short Swiss photo blog


18/11/2009 by etiennefish


The Boys!!! Okay, so sadly they're not in Switzerland, but I had to include them anyway.


My little room in geneva -This is where I sleep. Note the amazing quilt at the foot of my bed!


Another view of my room.

final view of my room- I wonder if these photos really capture it's size accurately. Trust me, it's palatial!

Annecy, France- The view from a bridge before the day got all dark and stormy

Another view of Annecy- This was a really cute town, a little over an hour outside of Geneva. I visited on my first weekend here. Too bad it rained through most of the visit!

night time in annecy

Fabi in Annecy! Fabi played tour guide for us, and I gave him Ethiopian jewellery in exchange. It was a good day. 🙂

Annecy park- pretty back lit leaves in the park as we walked towards the train station to go home

Hiking Mt. Saleve- Also on my first weekend in Geneva. Josh and me crossed into France to scale the heights of Mt. Saleve. We got to the top, despite almost being run over many times by crazy cyclists riding/falling headlong down the twisting paths.

Mt Saleve and me- The leaves were beautiful here, turning the entire hillside shades of orange. I'm glad I came when I did.

Mt. Saleve panorama- half-way to the top!

Mt. Saleve and the forests of orange

Mt. Saleve- the bestest part


Mt. Saleve- - Looking down onto Geneva

Mt. Saleve

Mt. Seleve- Another panorama shot of Geneva. I wish the mountains ringing the city weren't washed out, because they looked absolutely gorgeous in person

Welcome to Fribourg!- Josh taking the inaugural photo in the picturesque city of Fribourg

Fribourg- Next to a fountain I liked for some reason

Fribourg- churches and such

Fribourg- Pretty trees and buildings

Fribourg- Street view

Fribourg- I love covered bridges! need I say more?

Inside the the bowels of the bridge.

Fribourg- the city of pretty bridges!

Fribourg- on the water

More views from bridges

Fribourg. Another pretty bridge. We decided that it would have to be crossed!

Fribourg. Looking back down

Fribourg. The tower in the sky- So on the way to the tall bridge, we discovered a tower in the sky. We climbed the mountain to try and get inside. Sadly, it was locked....

Fribourg- on the trek to the tower.

Fribourg- more orange forests! I love it.

Fribourg. A view from almost the top

Fribourg- There was a nun with an umbrella. For some reason I'm fascinated with nuns and monks


Frbourg. Crossing the tall bridge. It was plenty impressive.


Fribourg. View from the east side.


Fribourg. More east side.

Fribourg- me on a bridge. Fascintating, I know.

Back in Geneva- I always look out my window and wonder about the people who live on the other side.




3 thoughts on “My adventures in Switzerland: a short Swiss photo blog

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  2. Martha Yager says:

    As a child I hiked on Mont Saleve in 1954. It’s surprising to see that the trail looks just the same. So nice to see your photo.

  3. jjaywallace says:

    Fricken awesome! I lived in Fribourg for 3 months during the winter to spring period. Its a very nice town/city. I love the climbing bridge, your pictures bring back memories.

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