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29/01/2010 by etiennefish

Dear friends,
Some/many of you may have received somewhat hilarious emails from me last night. For my sake I feel as though I should explain the situation… So what might have theoretically have happened is that I may have theoretically ended up at a random pub quiz last night. This may have subsequently been followed by a couple pints of cider and at least 3 free shots of unknown substances gained by answering strategically placed questions. what might have happened next (although I should point out that all purely hypothetical extrapolations from here on out are based solely upon rumours and here say and should not be quoted), is that my team might have somehow won the pub quiz by half a point and were awarded with a prize. Due to the nature of the aforementioned possible prize I might have been introduced to my first bottle of caramel vodka. Which we were required to finish at the bar. As you can see, if there is any actual basis in such wild accusations and claims as this story suggests, I could in no way be held be held responsible for my subsequent insomnia and itchy fingers, but may have stumbled on the best new place for pub quiz ever.

Sincerely, your good friend,


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