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29/03/2010 by etiennefish

I’m moving, it’s true, and I can’t wait! Within probably a week, I will be finally leaving my isolated, tiny little room, and trekking with my stuff across the lake to an amazing flat situated somewhat in Eaux Vives. (yay! even though I am quite sad to be leaving gritty/amazing paquis) For people in the know, my new place is right on the water, almost next to the Jet d’eau. I’m excited. My new flat mates are amazing as well. There are two of them- a guy from France and a girl from Brazil. They seem laid back and fun, and are all about creating a ‘little family’ at the house. Goodbye boring days of loneliness, hello wonderful new friends! I am super super excited for the move. Also, the common language in the house is french (As two of us speak Spanish, two of us speak English, and two of us speak Portuguese), or it will be, as soon as I get my language skills up to par. Yay! I’m really really happy about all this. Can you tell? Also, our house is in the ‘cave’ and as we have the only flat on that level and the ground floor has doctor’s offices in it (i.e. people are only there during business hours), so we can be as loud as we want to and not have to worry about music levels, showers after 10pm, or anything of that matter. We also have our own ‘secret’ and private entrance through this tiny little door you have to duck to get through. And oh yes, my room might possibly be pink. Hilarious, yes it’s true. We’ll see about whether or not that might change…

In absolutely unrelated news:

I’ve recently come to the realisation that I’ve lived here almost 5 months. What?!?! How is this possible? It’s as though time has just slipped away unnoticed. But really, I don’t actually get it. I’ve been here almost half a year, and still don’t feel like this city is mine. Hopefully this issue is on the mend.

I was completely unproductive this weekend, and I’m currently angry with myself. Saturday, my excuse was that I unexpectedly was asked to hang out with my new housemates, before I knew that I was going to be living with them. I was planning to be there around an hour and then go get my day sorted. 1 hour turned into most of the day, so hence, I had a good time, but nothing was actually accomplished. Saturday evening, I accompanied a friend to her friend’s house for a small dinner gathering. The host (the chef for the Canadian ambassador, I found out), prepared a delicious meal of Persian food (so amazing!). We also consumed what might be equated to, a large, large vat of wine, with a little champagne thrown in. Despite not working on my drinking skills of late, I bravely tried to keep up. I can’t tell you whether or not my efforts ended in success on that front, but I didn’t protest as my glass was continuously refilled. After supper, my friend and I went to Latino night at the bar downstairs. My downfall there, was my decision to consume whiskey. Yes, yes, rockstar points= +2, personal responsibility points= -1. Depsite enjoying my night thoroughly, and still feeling wonderful as my head hit the pillow, the morning proved not to be my friend. I had set my alarm for an early(ish) morning run, and while I DID wake up (eventually), I was in no condition to actually move, not to mention move quickly. Like an invalid, I treated myself to a day spent under the duvet, watching TV shows on my laptop (clearly not part of my experiment. Oh well, sometimes one must indulge). I may not have actually put on real clothes until around 5pm, when hunger forced me to embark upon a foraging mission. By like 5:45 I was back under the covers, happily munching on food, and rekindling my love affair with one, Brian Kinney. Yeah, wasted weekend, but wonderfully, a social one. I think things are looking up in my life here (still don’t love it, but at least I’m considering removing the prefix from the word ‘dislike’ when I think of this city, which is a happy happy thing). Finally. I hope the says stop running together soon, and I’m really looking forward to passing the summer with my new housemates!

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