Summer is here and I’m escaping to Portugal.

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13/07/2010 by etiennefish

So this summer is going well, I have to say. I think everyone should be aware: The time to travel to Switzerland is in the summer. It’s amazing here. I mean, if you have the money, going to the Alps for skiing/snowboarding is fabulous and wonderful, but in terms of social time and enjoying life outside of one activity, it is summer that you want to be here. Things are finally alive. This town does in fact have a heartbeat, people do occasionally smile (and even *gasp* there is the illusive laugh), and suddenly the city that was so empty and bleak all winter is full and slightly bustling. There are so many music festivals, events, barbecues, World Cup matches, and actual social things, that I’m for once not desperate for holidays away. In fact, I almost don’t want to leave at all, that is, except for this little holiday away that has officially just commenced.

I’m currently in the airport awaiting my flight. I’m off today to Bordeaux, but only because I’m meeting my parents there (YAY!) before we continue on to Portugal (Another YAY!). We are about to embark on a roadtrip of amazingness from the north to the south of the country. I’ve never been, and there’s pretty much no chance it’ll be anything but fabulous. Plus, I’ve not seen my parents in a very very very long time (and almost didn’t get to see them for longer due to a health scare), so I’m excited to get to spend some quality uninterrupted time with them (the only thing I’m sad about is that we will be travelling the entire time, which pretty much guarantees I don’t get any home-cooked parent food. This is sad). What’s also exciting, is that they will be bringing the amazing new SLR camera that was my graduation, birthday, christmas, Chanukah, etc present from last year, that could reach me because of having to pay tarifs. This means I will be busily documenting the adventure! I wish this plane would get here faster. I’m slightly impatient, I don’t know if you can tell.

Other than this trip I’m embarking on, I’ve been a busy bee as always. I’m bursting at the seams for a creative outlet it’s true, but life has a way of managing to hold it’s own most of the time. Like I said, festivals abound, and people are in high spirits. I’ve been going out a little too much these past few weekends, honestly, but I’ve already promised myself a reprieve from such things after I get back from this trip. I discovered some good hip hop (OMG- finally) when a friend dragged me out last Saturday, I’ve been to a lot of outdoor dance parties, Been enjoying the ambience of outdoor cafes, gone swimming in the lake (brr) and basically been spending as much time as possible outside in the sun.

Some Highlights:

Last Sunday was America day, and a friend organised a barbecue in the park. It was fabulous. I was feeling a bit slow after another night of no sleep, and as our oven/stove is currently not working (SIGH) we’ve been keeping no actual food at the house, so having the opportunity to just arrive somewhere where food would be ready and waiting, was pretty much my idea of heaven. The company was good, the food was fabulous, and sitting in the shade on the lawn of a gorgeous park in front of a gorgeous lake with friends, food, and cold drink was fairly close to heavenly an experience as I could imagine at that moment. It was a good day.

A couple nights ago me and a few friends were feeling ambitious, so after work we all hopped on trains to Montreux to check out the Montreux Jazz Fest, which is probably one of Switzerland’s biggest events of the year (although it really doesn’t have anything on the New Orleans Jazz Fest). So I should say, that while we were at this place with amazing music, scenery, and people, we spent a good amount of our time there watching the Germany-Spain match (we’re slightly ridiculous). For the record, I refuse to talk about that. There was also some relaxing on the lake as the sun sunk low on the waters. Maggie was the only brave soul that got in the water (and chased after sticks), but you know, that’s because she’s a bigger rockstar than the rest of us. Then followed watching the match, drinking some caipirinhas, getting followed (and by getting followed, I mean Maggie and Ceci, me and Telles were only scoffing bystanders) by men that started out giving the mildly creeper vibe, and then actually became pretty nice. One of these good citizens directed us, and ran with us to the train so we didn’t have to wait another hour to get home.

I got my hairs cut. I got my hairs cut. I got my hairs cut. (YAY!) I’m feeling slightly better about life, can you tell? It may have been the most expensive hair cut I have ever received in my life (and likely to ever receive again), but if was fabulous, and I am much happier, although I am of the opinion it could have been even shorter. Some of the advantages of getting an expensive haircut I was unaware of.

  1. When they ask if you want something to drink, they will bring you wine. They also bring you expensive waters (which stupid me, that was what I asked for)
  2. When they wash your hair, pre-cut, the chair you sit in has massage settings. Um amazing. Although I may have jumped about 3 feet in the air when it was turned on because I wasn’t expecting it.
  3. If massage chair was not enough, you also get an amazing head massage. Yes. Divine. It was also amazing and wonderful.
  4. You don’t even have to know what kind of haircut you want. If unsure, the hairdresser will do all the work.

Moving the cats was also another hilarious experience. The boys are staying at a friends house during my adventures abroad, who also happens to live directly across the street from me. I have discovered that moving said boys on public transit requires a minimum of 3 people to move heavy kittens and their many things. We even moved a Puck bed so he would be more comfortable. I may spoil them slightly. I hope they have a fun holiday themselves at their weeklong getaway. Gini’s flat is gorgeous and huge and she was very excited to have them, so they will hopefully get to appreciate some nice R&R (as if that isn’t how they spend absolutely every day of their lifes) while enjoying the gorgeous view of the lake from the balcony. Silly cats

Okay, the plane has come and is waiting for me to board. More updates to come!

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