Summer days and nights: updates and photos


06/08/2010 by etiennefish

It’s been another of those weeks. This summer is just flying by, and I’m left panting in exhaustion by the wayside. So much is going on! In personal news, I’m just getting over a bout with the sicks. It wasn’t anything so horrible, but I grumbled, groaned, and generally couldn’t move for a few days. I’m left feeling a bit weak, and a bit coughy, but I’m altogether glad I was at the office today instead of flopping around in a bed feeling sorry for myself. So yes. Anyway, a couple Tulane friends have arrived this week, and so it’s been awesome to hang out with them, show them around (even though one of them has been here before), and introduce them to my friends. We’ve generally been living it up (before the case of the sicks of course) at the Fete and around town, and I’m generally quite glad they came at such an opportune time of the year. This weekend is also one of their bdays, which means we’ll be having a fun-packed weekend of celebration. I’m excited. Also in other news, I’m moving. Yep. Again. You see, I happened to have stumbled upon (quite by accident) an opportunity to live with some good friends (i.e. the ones aforementioned in sentences above this one), in a house. Yes. A house. In Geneva. It’s true. So, it’s a small house, but a house nonetheless, so that’s exciting, and it’s super close to work which = doubly exciting. It’s also significantly cheaper than what I’m paying now, so that’s a big plus to me and my ever dwindling bank account. Also, drum roll please, the fuzzy fuzzy monsters that are currently inhabiting my work place can actually live with me!!! Cue applause now. I mean, it will be sad to leave Eaux Vives, and the little cave I inhabit with some pretty cool people, but ultimately, this will be a better situation for me I think. So anyway, let me leave you with some fun photos from last week/weekend at the Fete, as well as our Sunday outing to the small medieval town of Yvoire just across the border from Geneva in France.

The Fete:

The setting sun and the carnival lights at the fete

The Jet d'Eau at sunset

I liked the pretty lights

So my friends (who are slightly crazy) wanted to go on this ride: Maximum. I oh so reluctantly declined, in order to be a nice person and document the affair. I wasn't scared of it. Honest.

The 'before' photo

In the air

Upside down


Coming in for a landing

The 'after' photo. Everyone survived.

The spaceship ride

There are loads more photos of many more rides and such from the Fete, so anyone involved in that evening should feel free to ask me for them.


Gorgeous day at the docks of Hermance, waiting for our ride to Ivoire

Dan contemplating meaningful things

Gini doing the same

Enjoying the sunlight in Hermance. PS- there's a smudge on my lens. Sorry Jenn.

Hanging out

This is the ferry we would have taken to Ivoire if we were rich

Apparently some people are just more creative then we are at getting around that small money issue.

How amazing is this ice cream shop!?!?!

Little duck, in clear clear waters

As seen from the jetty

Eating ice creams on the jetty in Yvoire

I couldn't finish mine delicious as it was... 😦 but it was a valient effort.

Duckies all in a row!

Dipping of the feets

Pretending to be statuesque

PS- I promise I’ll start posting proper blogs again soon. I have all these fun things to say, but haven’t had the time to say them, so after the moving commences, I intend on remedying this immediately. Just you wait and see…

PPS- wordpress apparently does not like me uploading photos, as I am told that I’m reaching my photo limit (really?!?!? This is sad). Thus, I must find a new means to do so via another site or something, because I like photos very much. Any suggestions? I have no moneys to give for more photo space here….

3 thoughts on “Summer days and nights: updates and photos

  1. Raphaelle says:

    You should use your tumblr to post your photos! You can post as many as you want on there. 🙂 Or you could get a flickr. Choices choices.

    • etiennefish says:

      Tumblr’s a good idea. I have a flikr, but am still ineptly trying to figure out how to post things in the same way to my blog. I will make it happen though, never fear. 🙂

  2. […] Fete de Geneve was definitely one of the highlights of my year here. Here’s some photos from the Fete, and a trip to Yvoire in France: Summer days and nights: updates and photos […]

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