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11/11/2009 by etiennefish

So I’ve officially been here over a week now, which is ultimately a strange and weird thing, although life has quickly adapted, and my routine has already assumed the normalcy of the daily grind. Get up, eat breakfast, go to work, stare at a computer, go home, eat food, stare at a computer, etc., etc.  I can’t say I dislike my job (in fact I’m enjoying it immensely thus far), but I can’t help but be annoyed at the amount of time working regular hours takes away from my day. Who knew? Oh well, it’s not like I have a life I’m missing out on. 🙂 Things are getting rather busy though. I’ve now working on at least three projects. I really hope that I can live up to the expectations. In the end, I think I’m pretty lucky to have stumbled into this as I did. It seems I’m likely to get quite a good education/experience, the people here are wonderful, and its all sort of like a little family (So far we’ve gotten lunch as a group and ate together in the conference room at least a few times a week). Plus everyone is encouraging and excited about what they’re doing.

Outside of work, I’ve not been up to that much. I had a whole list of things (mostly funny) that I wanted to make sure and mention, but I’ve misplaced the paper, and so sadly you’re just going to have to do with my rambling….

I’m starting to revise my position on the excitement I was feeling surrounding having a proper winter, etc, etc. It’s cold here! This makes it very difficult to get up and out of bed in the morning. Furthermore, my radiator seems to no longer be functioning. This is really quite all right, as I was always too warm with it on before, but now I don’t want to air out the room for fear I’d never thaw out again!

I went to pub quiz at an English (predictably) pub on Monday night, with one of my fellow interns. The pub’s right down the road from me, so once again I’m patting whoever it is on the back for making sure there was an open room in so centrally located a place! We left the pub that night with fairly good standings. If they hadn’t thrown a Sex and the City round in, we would’ve done much better. Where is Alyssa when I need her anyway?

While I’m definitely in love with where I live and the price I pay, I’m not so excited about the place itself. I mean it’s clean enough, and no one seems disrespectful, but the no cooking thing is already getting to me. I mean, I realise there MUST be a way to cook. I see other people doing it. There just doesn’t seem to be anything to cook with, or any place to keep stuff. My room is far too small to be keeping cooking things. How does everyone else do it!?!?!? I vow to figure it out soon. I can only live on no cooking necessary foods for so long.

Speaking of food, I think I’m well on my way to fattening up for the winter. I’ve only been here a week, yet I feel as though I’ve gained enough to last me a year. Keep meaning to get out and get to a gym, but I’ve been doing more work after getting off work, or just feel like vegging in front of a mindless DVD if I’m not. Somehow sitting in front of a computer all day makes me way more tired than a physical-type job…

Anyway, I have some plans for Sunday that involve me leaving the city, so I think Saturday I’m going to have to do some wandering, AND some writing, despite the fact that I’m sure I’d love to have a social life.

All right, I’ve been procrastinating. I need to get back to work.

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