On the subject of grown-up clothes


13/11/2009 by etiennefish

So I think they’re overrated. They are, it’s true. For the first time in my life I’m working at a job where grown up clothes are highly encouraged. Not only that, but it’s cold here. So I need cold weather grown-up clothes. Ridiculous!

So every morning I try to put together another grown-up, professional looking outfit. I try on all my clothes in various combinations, feeling mostly like a little kid looking out of an adult’s mask. Nothing goes together (I’ve only picked up bits and pieces of such absurd clothing over the years, none of it was made to match), and I am strongly feeling the fact that I moved from a semi-tropical zone to a wintry one, and therefore don’t have any clothes that are appropriate for this climate!!! Sigh… Plus, everyone in this city likes to look so put together and sleek, I feel as though I’ll never compare, even when I try my best. To make it worse, everything I own is in bright hues that don’t go with the drabness all around me (Alyssa, I blame you for making me wear bright things and get rid of my black wardrobe, you evil evil person). I would totally rock something bright,  if the bright things looked like they were meant to be worn at the same time and in combination. Arggghhh! I feel like my appearance is so out of place here, and appearance matters (not at my current job where they are not really bothered) but in the wider world of this town and its politics and the meetings I keep attending, and where I desperately need to impress if I want to get a more permanent job after this one is done.

Le sigh. I am not made to be a grown-up.

I did go shopping last night with a friend. Shops stay open late on Thursdays because they close ridiculously early during the rest of the week, that no one can actually get to them for more than 2 seconds before they close. I tried on some things, but everything mostly managed to look ridiculous on me.

Fact: I don’t look polished or refined or attractive in grown-up clothes. I just look wrong, and about a million years older. I don’t approve. I AM Peter Pan, dammit! I kept asking where the section for young people was. I got strange looks. ‘This IS the section for young people’ was invariably the reply. I need to find somewhere else to shop.

If I don’t find something soon, though, I’m going to be down to wearing my scrubby jeans with the knees ripped out, a t-shirt, and a bandana around my neck to work, which I’m assuming is not exactly appropriate. I was not meant to grow up. Somebody please fix this (or if not, find me a new wardrobe ASAP).

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