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21/01/2010 by etiennefish

There comes a time when one just has to accept certain truths about oneself. So here I am, admitting it for all of the cyber world to see. It is true, I am obsessed with my fish. They may not be as cuddly and attentive as a cat or dog, but I am slightly attached to them. Slightly. As I have described in an earlier post, I have five of them. They live on my desk in the office. I stop working and talk to them throughout the day. 3 goldfish and 2 catfish. They are quite pretty, majestic, and calming, and I’m very much happy they are here.  I also love that every day, the entire staff comes in to check on them. Also everyday, my boss tells me they look hungry (inevitably about 30 minutes after I fed them) and tries to get me to feed them more. It is a good routine. Today the fish are exceptionally happy and lively. They recieved a new Indiana Jones-style ancient Mayan object to swim through, and it has brought even the catfish out of hiding from under their log. They have also gotten a new bubbler, which provides them with far more oxygen, and the goldfish have been treated for their white spot disease on their tails. Happy happy fishies. Why do animals make me obsessive?

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