Good day (as written on thursday when I was sans internet)

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22/01/2010 by etiennefish

Sometimes a good day creeps up on you when you least expect it, puts it’s hands around your neck, and gives you a shake, just for good measure. Today seemed, for no particular reason, to drag on and on (even while I was busy), while time slowed to a crawl, gave me a wave, and spent the afternoon hanging out in my office doing nothing. When finally I thought I was going to scream with all the righteous indignation I could muster, it was time to leave, and I realised that today really was a good day after all.

Today, (despite sleeping about 2.1 hours due to insomnia and getting up to the kind of rocky start one gets off to when turning off one’s alarm clock in one’s sleep and waking up at the time one normally leaves for work) I got the part in the play I wanted (omg-omg-omg-yay!), I did some research I felt pretty good about, I planned to go skiing this weekend, I got my graduation paperwork in, I paid off my French class in full, and I started planning some new adventures. Really, it was getting the part in the play that was probably the turning point. I may be bubbling over with excitement, although it’s something I’m not quite certain about yet. Yes, a little bit of good news can sometimes go a long way to making you feel like the stars are starting to align properly again. Now I’ve just got to convince some friends that they really do like karaoke, despite my singing voice.


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