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14/03/2010 by etiennefish

In the great tradition of many who came before me, and in recognition of those who will follow in my footsteps, I am once again faced with massive amounts of things to do, and once again, am doing everything I can to avoid actually accomplishing said things. I currently have to construct a semi-intelligent sounding story about something life changing that includes a whole bunch of specific verb forms (gag), that I will then record and send to my tutor, in French. Then I have to write a few thousand words about more intelligent things (I’ve forgotten what that’s actually about), and make it look like an essay, also in French. I also am supposed to have all my lines memorised in time for rehearsal tomorrow evening. Needless to say, they are not yet memorised. Then I am super behind on my pages for my personal writing, and then I am also behind where I want to be on my science/MCAT studyings (Yuck). Sigh. I should also be cleaning my room, etc. It may also be of note that today has been the first mildly warm, sunny day in Geneva in months. Why am I inside?!?!

These are the things I think of while trying to do my coursework:

– I want to cut my hair. Like CUT it. You know, -all- off. I’m trying to decide whether or not I think I would win that fight with my theatre director. This would influence my even bringing it up. Otherwise, I must be patient for (sigh) like two whole months. Note: he doesn’t yet realise I have massive amounts of tattoos up and down my arms. I didn’t think it was necessary to mention at auditions (okay, so he didn’t ask, I didn’t tell- maybe not always a horrible policy), and as I think we’re wearing shirt sleeves for the actual performances, I never got around to showing him…

– Hanging out at the park(s) by the lake and writing about mindless things sounds like the best way to spend my day. It’s mildly warm out. And sunny. These things have not happened apart or together in months. Why am I sitting in a coffee shop, when I should be outside frolicking? AHHHHH!

– There must be somewhere in Switzerland that demonstrates actual taste in music. I’m sick of coffee shops blasting Backstreet Boys and other things like it, for literally hours (it’s true, I’ve been here for hours. Nothing even remotely resembling reasonable has yet been played [and I would just like to point out that I am comfortable enough with myself to admit that I like a healthy dose of boy band every now and again, however, there is only so much that one person can be expected take]). I mean, not even dance clubs play things I want to dance to. This makes me a sad penguin. Somebody fix this! Please! I’m dying a slow, slow death.

– Sometimes I wish I took a more traditional path in life. You know stayed in one place (and beeen happy about it) for a reasonable amount of time, and cultivated relationships with people that continued to be *in person* for many years at a stretch. I think I’m only thinking like this because Geneva is definitely not the city for me and I can only be expected to try and make the best of it, only as often as I can. I’m having a fed-up weekend. I’m spending too much time reminiscing, and not nearly enough time enjoying myself or living in the present. This should probably be fixed. ASAP. Suggestions?

– I’m slightly worried about my knee. It has been a bit swollen for days and fairly sore. I’ve not done anything to it that I can tell, but it definitely spent most of my run today whining at me (don’t worry, I whined right back). But, because of it, we only hit 20 out our intended 25.75 km. This made me sad. It didn’t help that I was having an ‘I-feel-like-lead-today, and therefore am going to run really slow (okay, just looked at the times, it wasn’t actually as slow as I’m making out, but definitely slower that I am happy about) and think about stopping every five minutes. At least we did the 20. My knee is hurting right now. Too bad I don’t have any ice…or any means to get some. Stupid ‘let’s not open any useful shops in Switzerland on a Sunday’ rule.

– There are a lot of birdwatchers in Switzerland/France (we were running sort of along the border this morning), and they have really expensive, really huge equipment. They looked like there were on serious missions. You know, like super secret squirrel/paparazzi missions (at least these were the stories I was telling myself as we passed them. I wanted to gossip about the crazy love triangles the birds must get up to out there, but wasn’t exactly confident on starting that conversation in French). Which was sort of funny because there were about 1.2 million people out on a randonnée in the marsh/field/BFE where we were running. There were even people walking their horses on leads (instead of actually riding them. I did not undestand). Needless to say, I missed not seeing my foxes and sleeping herons. Must get up and out earlier next time…

– Me and french aren’t getting along so well. I understand it just fine, but the words just don’t come out of my mouth when/how I need them to. Maybe if I had an actual social life with actual Swiss people this would change… (oh yes, that’s a realistic plan) Sigh. I know, I just need conversation practice.

– My stomach is currently trying to instigate a mutiny against me and the rest of my body. I don’t know why it hates me. I think that perhaps it also doesn’t agree with being in Geneva. I spent two hours after my run in my room, in a sad little ball because I was afraid to stray too far from an easily accessible toilet. It is my sneaking suspicion that because I caved and got over my great fear/extreme phobia of tap water (yes yes, I know, I have taken a big life step, I am amazing), I am currently dying of some horrible water disease. Therefore, I splurged (true story in this country of ridiculous pricing) and bought some nummy-licious fizzy water. It made my conscience feel slightly happier, if not my stomach. My tummy may also hate me because of the large amounts of bread I consume here (it’s just SO good). So yeah, gluten-free diet has not really been happening, because A. I don’t really cook here (see me for rants on lack of cooking utensils/space and the fact that people in my foyer steal all the food I buy), and B. Gluten-free is not really a concept that exists in this country. People love their bread and cheese a little too much. I might have to actually enforce some form of self-discipline (sigh) and give up the breads. Sad, sad penguin…

Okay, I may have spent enough time procrastinating to tide me over for a bit. On to works!

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