A rant involving drinking fountains.

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15/03/2010 by etiennefish

What do the good people of Switzerland have against drinking fountains? Can I just say that I spent a goodly portion of my day running through ‘exercise-friendly’ trails, parks, marshes, and woodland areas, all of which were interspersed with car access points at trail heads, exercise equipment areas, children’s playgrounds, various sporting pitches, fields, courts, etc and regular parks benches, and there were NO DRINKING FOUNTAINS ANYWHERE! I mean, do people just not get thirsty here? If I’ve run 10 km out, and then 10 km back, and am dehydrated, parched, and delirious from lack of fluids, am I supposed to start drinking marsh water? Because I was definitely close (Plus, who wants to carry a bottle with them when running? Yep, uber awkward. And those running belt things are ridiculous). Oh, and then, can I just add that after running back to the starting point, and taking a tram into the heart of the city’s shopping district, wouldn’t you expect to see a drinking fountain or two there? I mean, I generally would, but somehow, they also don’t exist anywhere. I think this country is most likely full of aliens who don’t find it necessary to consume such mundane substances as water, because they can just get all their fluid  needs from the natural moisture in the air. I always thought people here were a bit odd. Now I know why. On that count I suppose I am thoroughly relieved.

So, in conclusion, drinking fountains appear to be banned, at least in the areas most likely to have them, and the Swiss people are actually from another planet. Wow, yep, good post.

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