An evening of theatre


16/03/2010 by etiennefish

(written before bed, not nearly long enough ago)

Well, I’m in high spirits and have loads of energy, so clearly there must be things to report. Just got back from my first real rehearsal for the play I’m in. I love theatre. I missed it. It was a bit of a haphazard rehearsal as we were on our feet moving with lines and scripts and people and various stage directions and set pieces, but it was fun. I may have run around a bit like an idiot or a 5 year old on sugar, take your pick. But all in all it was good fun and I’m glad I’m doing it.

One of the first things that the director told us when we first stepped onto the stage was not to cut our hair. I realise now that may have been directed at me. I hadn’t cut it yet, but I was really thinking about/planning on it (where are you wonderful portland friends with hair-cutting skills)… He is likely psychic. Sigh, I was so excited about it too. Ah well, another futile lesson in patience, now headed my way.

In other news, my body hates me. It may actually be falling apart, but I’m not sure why. After a relatively light run week, my knee started to kill me for some reason. At first it felt like it needed to click but couldn’t. Then it just hurt. Then in made the rest of my leg hurt. But really only when running. Not when walking or jumping around like a crazy person, go figure. It hurt so bad that this morning I didn’t even make it a half km. So, me and my run partner went on an early morning jaunt around the lake instead of a run. It was sort of sad.  Additionally something is wrong with my big toe. On the left foot (it is my right knee that hates me). It looks like I have a corn or something (I think that is what it’s called. Maybe it’s a bunion. I always get them confused as they never affected me). Basically the joint on my big toe is swollen so that the whole side of my foot there is misshapen. It also hurts. I didn’t realise it was swollen until previously mentioned jumping fest on a stage. I didn’t mention that I had taken off my shoes and was doing this in socks (much to the dismay, I believe, of my director. Don’t mess with my creative process just because it doesn’t involve shoes!). I could see how swollen it was through my socks. Sigh. I am falling to pieces. Rude.

In other news, I am starting a great experiment. It has come to my attention that clearly I cannot be trusted with such things as books, films, DVDs, TV shows, etc. I mean, not if I don’t want to waste most of my time on staring blankly at frivolous things or lazing around without moving for hours on end. So thus, my great experiment is born. Starting from now, and lasting for at least a month, I am taking away all distractions from my life. That is to say, I’m not allowed to read books (a lovely pastime yes, but those who know me even moderately well also know how obsessively and compulsively I tend to read, consuming without thought for things that need to get done, or life that needs to be lived. Alas, moderation is not a talent I possess in great quantities), do fun things on the computer, play games, etc. in my free time. I am thus making all my books inaccessible, including my e-books. I have taken all fun apps off my ipod, I have put parental controls on my computer restricting what kind of internet sites I can visit (research only in non-work hours) and am having a friend set the password so I won’t be tempted to cheat. Yes, I’m being uber serious about this. I know myself, I will totally cheat. The hopeful idea is that I will start being more productive and more creative in my free time. It doesn’t mean I should work 24/7, but rather that instead of giving up and accepting how boring life is here by doing mindless, time-wasting things. I will either do the things I like doing in my free time but haven’t been doing enough of (i.e. writing my stories, doing photography, exploring, going on adventures, etc), and hopefully start going out and actively trying to meet people so I won’t be so whine about being bored all the time. I also hope that this will force me to be more proactive on the work side of things too (i.e. I will do my studies more efficiently and thoroughly, I will get my errands done NOT at the last minute, I will be more organised, etc). Basically I’m making the grown-up part of me tell the non-grown-up part of me that I have to eat my entire supper before I can have dessert. It will definitely be a grand experiment, and also terrifyingly painful. I really hope it’s successful.

As it is now late, and although I am not yet sleepy, I have very few hours until I must get up and do some running (wish my failing parts luck), so it is off to bed with me. Goodnight!

PS- the school in which our rehearsal theatre is located also appears to be against drinking fountains. IT IS A SCHOOL! Sigh. It’s a total conspiracy against me and my apparently rampant thirst.

One thought on “An evening of theatre

  1. Sara says:

    No books?!?! That’s true commitment to the cause. Definitely interested as to whether that does in fact spike your creative flow.

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