Lundi de Pâques (i.e. I don’t know what catholics actually call today, but I know there’s a special name for it)


05/04/2010 by etiennefish

I can’t even describe how much I love where I now live. Not only do I live with some incredible people that I think I will have a wonderful time with, but I also live in a place where I overlook one of the most beautiful sights in all of Geneva. Right now, I’m sitting on the ground on the edge of the quay, in the sun, watching people as they enjoy their afternoon, arm in arm with friends, family, and lovers. And more often than not leading/towing small dogs or pushing babies. Children are amusing themselves by chasing all the small waterfowl, and attempting to win the ‘who can get the most ice cream on their face’ contest.

I am gazing out over the greenish blue water,  which is only rippling slightly in the soft breeze that still holds a slight remembrance of the long, long (don’t get me started) winter. The jet d’eau is spouting it’s water high into the air, actually leaving a sparkling rainbow in its wake (it’s like a fairy tale movie, I swear).

There are many sailboats docked all around me, bobbing lazily in the afternoon air. Some of these boats and/or small crafts contain people brave enough to don swim gear, which I think might be a bit of a pre-emptive strike on summer, but I raise my hand in salute to them anyway. Innumerable swans drift aimlessly in front of me, basking in the sunlight like everyone else and sometimes blending in with the white buoys. As I gaze out across the lake, I am met with the spectacular view of old, gorgeous architecture and snow-capped mountains. Really, can life get nicer than this moment right now? I feel good, and peaceful.

I am sure glad that spring has finally decided to descend upon this oft grey-cloaked city, brightening everyone’s spirits, and reminding me why people move here and never leave. I think I’m in for a fabulous next few months. Not everyone has such a nice ‘front porch.’

Note to Geneva friends: If you can’t find me and the sun is shining, I’m pretty sure that you’ll only need 1 guess to discover my hiding spot. To everyone else: jealously inducing photos are forthcoming.

And PS- I’m really annoyed that I’m going to have to leave soon in search of a place with internet, and viable tables so I can do my courseworks… Sad day. At least I have the possibility of delicious cappuccinos to look forward to.

PPS- note to self: I must really find myself a pair of rollerblades so that I can hang out with the cool kids, as apparently the early 90’s are still in vogue here. I plan on pretending that I’m on Venice Beach and in the US version of the film The Birdcage.

PPPS- ‘Hip deep in alligators’ is sort of the best Louisiana-ism that I’ve heard. Ever.

One thought on “Lundi de Pâques (i.e. I don’t know what catholics actually call today, but I know there’s a special name for it)

  1. Lindsay says:

    haha. the poles (as in polish folk) in chicago call it dyngus day. : ) or if you’re one of the bizarro eastern orthodox catholics, i think they call it bright monday… or something like that. i’m definitely a bad catholic and also a non-polish roman catholic. we don’t worry much about easter monday. : )

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