Rome cannot be seen in a day


13/04/2010 by etiennefish

On the spur of the moment last week, I was asked to replace my boss at a meeting he couldn’t make in Rome. I love Rome, I was more than happy to go. The trip went fine, although I didn’t exactly get to do much sightseeing. There was of course, time for gelato, pizza, pasta, and a little walking around. It’s SO warm there right now. At least compared to Geneva. I was dying, or at least wilting. It was also sunny, crowded, and wonderful. I love the atmosphere of the city. It was just so full of people and just so vibrant. Also, Italian is so much easier than French. It’s relaxing. I probably shouldn’t leave Geneva or Switzerland though. Every time I do, I start daydreaming about how wonderful it would be to live there, and how Romantic it would be to rent some tiny studio flat in a dingy part of town, and spend my days writing, wandering, and having the most amazing adventures. I don’t think I will ever be nostalgic for Geneva. Even if things are looking up for me now.

So like I said, this was a work-related adventure. They put me up in a crazy hotel that was uber modern, very boutique-y. I had this piece of furniture that I think was meant to be some sort of sofa, but I couldn’t figure out how you were supposed to sit on it. It had this weird slit thing running through it, and at first I thought maybe it opened up. It didn’t. I’m still not sure if it did anything, or if it was just supposed to be stared at? The meetings were a confusing and weird story that honestly I’m not going to discuss here, but it was cool to work in this migrant-geared hospital called San Gallicano that was absolutely gorgeous on the inside (a lot of the outside was undergoing renovations). I also got to meet some great new people.

I really didn’t get to do much beside work (boo for work weekend), but I did spend a happy few hours one afternoon wandering by myself through random streets. You see, after getting hopelessly lost in Hungary without being able to speak a single work of Hungarian, you would think wandering aimlessly through another city would be out of the question. See the difference, between Budapest in Rome is that a.) I’ve been to Rome a number of times before, and you can’t wander more than about 5 feet without running smack into some famous monument from which you can get your bearings, and b.) I can make myself understood, and I can understand Italian. Anyway, there were no DaVinci Code-related adventures, but I did take some random photos as shown below. I was nostalgic about a few places (not pictured I think though) that made me reflect back on my last visit. It was a different time. I also went up to this huge park that overlooks the city in the evening after meetings were over. It wasn’t a touristy place, but it’s one of the biggest urban parks I’ve ever been to. It was also so green. There were young people everywhere playing sport, sitting with friends, cuddling with boyfriend/girlfriends, running, walking, etc. Apparently in the summer there are live concerts every evening. I’d always be there. I liked it so much because although it was clearly cared for, it wasn’t manicured in any way. It had the old, slightly run down feel about it, that I find so charming in the city as a whole. It also overlooked the entire city. Why don’t I live in Rome?!?!?

Here’s a few snapshots from my trip:

PS- I’m still traumatised by the couple sitting next to me on the flight back to Geneva who were basically have sex the whole ride back. There will likely be nightmares. I mean, the guy (who was in the middle seat), kept flailing wildly with a free arm in his excitement, and actually hit me in the head/face a couple times. Really?!?!?  It was not attractive. Sigh. That’s all.

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