Life is getting away again, better catch it quick!

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13/04/2010 by etiennefish

Life is sort of getting away from me again. I may be, *gasp* slightly overwhelmed. I just got back from a weekend in Italy (for work, sigh, I know what a waste), but I’ll comment on that in a separate post. Things with the play I’m in, Shakers, is coming along. In a little over two weeks we’ll be performing our little masterpiece in Geneva (and then on to fame and fortune in Homburg a few weeks later!). I’m excited, although I think we (i.e. I) still have a bit of a ways to go.

I also just realised that taxes are due tomorrow. Okay, so I remembered about them a while ago, but my skills of procrastination never cease to amaze me, and here it is, the 13th of April. Note: If you happen to be my parents, and you also happen to be reading this, please stop hyperventilating. And I can see your itchy fingers, unconsciously reaching for the phone. Put. It. Down. And breathe. I spent a productive morning at work doing them. They are finished. Mostly. I just need to check up on some information this afternoon. So there, I can be responsible too. I am a grown-up. Even if I happen to be wearing spider man converse shoes bought from the little boys section, and a pink t-shirt with a stripe-y blue tie at the moment. Yes, it happens.

But yes, life is running away from me. I am so far behind in my French course it’s killing me (i.e. I will be having a slumber party at work tonight), I’ve not yet written my final paper so that I can actually obtain my graduate diplome, and my writing and studying for exams has been non-existent in the past few weeks. This makes me sad. I’ve also not completed any of the applications which will further my aspirations in a career of lifelong student-hood. Sigh. Massive fail.

Its been hard balancing things, especially since moving to Eaux-vives. I love my new place and my housemates, but I spent months prior to meeting them precariously building my little life around my absolute lack of one, and now with my official introduction into ‘o mundo brasileiro,’ etc, that little life is fast tumbling down around me. Don’t get me wrong, I’m in no way complaining about attempting to have a social life again. I am, however, complaining about the complete and utter lack of sufficient hours in a day. Somebody needs to fix this. We need at a minimum 10 hours more. Basically, most week days I have running early in the morning (if we consider ourselves officially back on track in that arena. Yay for knee no longer hurting!), then I go to work. After work I go to rehearsal. Then I go home. I get home usually around 1030 or later. If your day started around 5:45 am, would you really want to go home and study? This is not to mention the fact that one should go directly to bed, without passing go, if one wanted to get a semi-decent amount of sleep. This doesn’t happen, of course. There is also the problem that this schedule does not allow for social housemate time, nor the fact that they don’t tend to work until late afternoon and thus stay up all night every night. I want to be a rockstar like them when I grow up!

Anyway, the short and sweet update on life is that it’s being stressful and I’m not managing things in a useful manner. I don’t feel like I get to spend much time with my housemates, I don’t get enough alone time to take care of my own things or hang out with other friends, and I’ve taken on another project at work. Sigh. I’m hoping for a sunny warm weekend, productivity x 1000, some rockstar adventures, and an amazing birthday for my housemate!

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