Rockstar weekend and Ants in the bedroom


19/04/2010 by etiennefish

This is my new little family. I just felt our amazingness needed to be shown publicly, it’s true.

Oops, I almost left one of us out. He may no longer live in same flat, but I’m pretty sure he still counts. 🙂

Anyway, there probably enough rockstardom this weekend to last me for a long time (although, I’m fairly sure I’m an addict, so who knows). It was one of my housemates’ birthdays, and as he is truly fabulous, nothing was done halfway. Some of his friends came in from France, so Friday night, after a wonderful supper and some pre-funking at ours, which may have involved High School Musical (i.e. some pretty amazing karaoke) and Just Dance games on the wii, we went out to a club/bar called Petite Palace. Definitely a fun night. There was actually some dancing in my life (omg, finally), and some hilarious attempts at French made by yours truly. We were out until probably 5 or 6 am, but that is how one does things if one is a rockstar, so really, what can I say?

Saturday day, was…. exhausting. I got too little sleep, and probably was slightly overzealous with the alcohols the night before. I wasn’t hungover per se, just mostly tired, brain dead, and a bit delicate. But, as I was feeling especially brave (and I had prior commitments), I stepped forth into the world and somehow managed to survive the masses at the Saturday shopping frenzy at Rive (after a liberal dosing of coffee and foods of course). See, I had to meet up with the other actors from my play (Can’t believe the show goes up in 2 weeks. Uh, yeah, Crazy.) for a find-our-costumes adventure. I’m amazed at my fortitude, and mostly the fact that I survived at all. To top it off, we were actually mostly successful (although I still haven’t uncovered a cheap pair of shoes that don’t look like like absolute shite, but whatever, there is still time, right?), and I even managed to then go on to spend many hours at Ikea, even though I was too tired to find many of the things I needed (read: the caffeine buzz wore out, and so I may have followed my friends around zombie-like and wishing I had taken a nap in one of the many mock bedrooms for the majority of the trip). Oh well, next time. So yes…Thus, Saturday was a big day. It was followed by a bigger night. Oh my.

So, Friday was only my housemate’s pre birthday extravaganza. Saturday night was the real thing. This said, at around 8 o’clock, the masses started gathering at ours (i.e. more hilarious attempts at French by yours truly). The birthday boy had procured champagne from his parent’s own vineyard (um, decidedly delicious), and we toasted him in high spirits, and ate the amazing tasty treats he had also had prepared. Some time after midnight we headed to the club. If you have never experienced Magnum bottles of champagne, you are most likely missing out an important life experience, and should rectify that immediately. I’m just saying. Plus, as this is Switzerland, and this was a party, one must reserve tables and bottles of alcohol in advance. They are brought to your table along with mixers. The best part is that they come with sparklers attached to them, and in the case of La Garçonnière, they were carried over by pretty men wearing tuxedo trousers with shrit collar and bow-tie, cuffs, and cuff links. A-mazing. I mostly danced the night away. I haven’t had a chance to dance like that in a long time. It was pretty much a cathartic experience, bordering on religiously enlightening. And I needed that. So. Badly. Plus I met a new friend/fellow adventurer/dancing buddy, who aside from being pretty awesome, told me he thought I was 22-ish (yup, he’s never going to get rid of me now!). That makes me happy. We all know I’m only slightly less then impressed when faced with the prospect of growing up. Long live Peter Pan!

Anyway… back to the narrative. There was a fun drag show around 2:30 in the morning. I was most impressed by this 5th element-esque number, which included an amazing robotron-like costume in which pieces of it were lit up one, by one. I only managed to film the very end of it, and it’s slightly blurry, but it is still worth checking out. I want an outfit like that for next Halloween (which, of course, I’ll surely be spending in NOLA if I get my way about things). Maybe she’ll let me borrow it…

Let’s see, that was about it (PS- Thank you Thibaud for a fantastic party. It really was amazing, and you are, of course, fabulous!). Sunday was a slow day. I helped clean the flat, watched some TV (PS- English/American films dubbed in French with actors you know well and are thus used to their normal voices, are hilarious, and now that I have a TV for the first time in years, this is going to be my new I’m-learning-French-so-it-doesn’t-actually-count-as-being-a-non-productive-member-of-society-when-I-spend-many-hours-staring-mindlessly-at-it, pastime of choice), went on a night-time run, and caught up with some friends. I also (as noted from the title of this post) had an all out battle with the ants currently invading my bedroom. We had words, we had some pre-meditated violence, and then of course, they won. But don’t you worry, I will not give in to the occupying force’s demands, they will be dealt with in due course. In the meantime, I am deluding myself into thinking they will go away if I just ignore their existence. This is not going too well, however, because unfortunately I’m not known for my powers of self-discipline… I have already broken down on a few occasions, and have had a number of heated exchanges with my unwanted house guests (Read: I went a little crazy, and starting yelling at them. More than once. By myself in my bedroom.). Ooh! However, you know what just occurred to me? This may all just be a matter of a simple cultural misunderstanding! I mean, I live in Switzerland, right? I’ve been yelling at my new ‘friends‘ in English! Who says that they actually speak English?!? That’s it, when I get home, I will be practising my French/non-existent Swiss-German with, that’s right, a bunch of tiny critters, who happen to be able to carry things that are like 3 times their body weight. I’ll update on any developments.

Anyway, it was a great weekend, although, I wish there was more time for non-rockstar activities as well (i.e. So much to do!). I was really feeling the need for a balance on Sunday, and was feeling slightly drained, and strangely down, for no particular reason. Ah well, such is life I suppose. I promise I’ll write more interesting posts later, depicting some of the more hilarious observations/life lessons I have recently learned. Yes.

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