Today is worthless. How about a do-over?

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20/04/2010 by etiennefish

It is not even 11am, and I already know that today’s not likely to get any more worthwhile. First, I somehow managed to turn my mobile phone alarm clock off in my sleep, and woke up at the time that I am supposed to be arriving at work. Again. I don’t know what’s wrong with me, but ever since moving into my new place, I keep sleeping through my alarm, which means I’m starting to habitually arrive late to work.

Mission of the day: purchase actual alarm clock.

Additional problems with waking up late include the fact that I was going to get up early so that I could a. go to my old room and get my laundry and search for my garmin running watch thing (totally lost without it!), and b. walk to the train station so I can finally renew my monthly public transport pass, and not have to pay a gazillion swiss francs to ride the bus everyday! Both missions= failure.

Anyway, I rushed to get to work, and guess what, servers are down. Lucky me I brought my laptop because I feel mostly naked without it, and they can somehow get online, but this means that I can’t access my work email, and/or any other document that I’ve saved on work servers. This is, you know, where all my work is saved. Awesome.

In addition to all this, most of the office is still out due to the ‘ash cloud mayhem in Europe,’ even though some flights have started flying out of Geneva again today. So yes, our boss isn’t here, neither is the guy who does all the IT stuff, etc. My high hopes for a productive day are heading towards zero.

Also, I just at this moment realised that I forgot my trainers in my rush to get to work. I was supposed to go running with my officemate at lunch. Awesome.

Anyway, I’m sure this day is only going to go downhill from here, and because I have play practice tonight as well, it will be a long day. Sigh. I just want to go back to bed and start all over again.

And PS- thus far there’s been no coffee in my life. That, at least I can fix. As in stat. Right now. On my way.

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