Foxes, Zorros, Renards, Raposas, oh my!!!


26/04/2010 by etiennefish

So basically the cutest baby foxes in the world now live in the garden behind my office. It is all I can do to keep from rushing downstairs and trying to cuddle them. Um, yes. Basically adorable. All of us have been running in and out all day to watch them play in the sun outside. Because I am not allowed to touch them, photos were taken. Here they are, please be prepared for an overload of adorable-ness (I may have gone a little overboad with the photos, but couldn’t help it, so sorry in advance). (PS- the sad story is that the mother appears to be badly hurt and really skinny and sick. We’re calling a vet for her tomorrow, and leaving out food and water and such for them tonight. If worse comes to worse, I’ve already offered to raise my new fox friends in the basement.)

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One thought on “Foxes, Zorros, Renards, Raposas, oh my!!!

  1. […] productivity and we spent most days ‘checking on them’ and cooing every five minutes: Foxes, Zorros, Renards, Raposas, oh my!!! I think I took too many […]

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