Some bits of ‘pretty’ to contradict all that negativity

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28/09/2010 by etiennefish

That last post was, I don’t know, slightly negative and depressing. I’ve decided that much like an argument, I wasn’t going to let the sun go down on it and I was also going to post something more uplifting, but then I let the sun go down on it anyway. You see, I wanted to post some of the photos I’ve recently been taking, but then there were A LOT of them, and decision-making has never really been a speciality of mine, and well, my computer ran out of batteries… And then I had to meet some friends and didn’t have internets at home and I got real busy at work, so I had to wait until today. Which is fine, I guess, because it’s the thought that counts. Right?

Anyway, no job has yet been uncovered, and the surpression of subsequent panic attacks has pretty much been the main theme in my life, but it’s okay. Somehow, I will figure it out, I’ve just got to stay positive. Anyway, I thought I’d share some happier things, such as photos from my garden that were recently taken. We just have so many plants! I love it! Here’s a tiny sample:

Crocuses! (I think) give a bit of yellow to brighten up anyone's day

We also have so many roses it's ridiculous. They've been blooming since we moved in

I've never even seen roses this shade of violet before

Here's a better view

Apples Galore! While the plum trees have given up bearing fruit. We have slightly less than a million apples about to be ready.

Our field of strawberries is slightly confused. There are still some plants flowering

I'm fairly sure it is thistles like this one that insist upon riding around in my cats' fuzz

Okay, so this plant is a mystery to me. I need someone to tell me what it is and if it will provide me with things to munch on.

Here's another red rose, just for good measure

This is our friendly garden gnome who protects all our plants.

The stealthy jungle cat sneakily stalks his prey...

The jungle cat pounces on his prey- the evil leaves falling from the trees above!

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