Belated photo review: A new friend, a night out, and another trip to Yvoire.


01/10/2010 by etiennefish

Just wanted to post a few photos that were taken in the last few weeks, mostly to show that Geneva has it’s awesome moments!

This photo was taken at the exact instant someone else took a photo. I like the effect.

The newly-weds. Looking fabulous right before the abandoned us for Paris... Tear. 😦

The girls- ready for some dancing

Yay! Smiles!

Somebody's ready for her close-up

Mojito number 2. Or is it 3?

So this was when my memory card decided it no longer wanted to work. I have no idea why. I loaded the photos above (among others) onto my computer the next morning, put the card back in my camera, and magically, all the error messages disappeared. Suffice it to say though, we soon left this bar and went out dancing. The club fed us hideous and scary green drinks (which I kept trying to fob off on all friends who were clearly much braver than I), and played dance music that could only be classified as mediocre with a spattering of amazing. I had a great time though. I danced. A lot. I made friends with a crazy dancer man in a party hat (think massive mad hatter hat in neon green and black. AND he gave it to me at the end of the night. I felt quite special, it’s true), and my arm and its tattoos were molested by a very TALL, and very BLONDE group of Germans/Swedes (They told different members of our group that they were from different places). I forgave them, however, because they were convinced I was French. WHICH I found very entertaining, because we only spoke to each other in English. No French was attempted by either party, and no amount of explaining I was not French was accepted. The night ended with a hilarious cab ride back to a friend’s, the consumption of some very spicy falafel sandwiches, and a much more subdued trip to my bed, where sleep was happily (and quickly) had. The next day, however, was another adventure. I went out to a friend’s parent’s place over the border in France for a ridiculously amazing barbecue (like seriously drool-inducing fabulousness). Afterwards included another quick trip to Yvoire in the sunshine. Feast your eyes on the photographic evidence below:

Beautiful boats and views.

Some fabulous people who conceded to let me take their photo.

Pretty new friend in front of a pretty view

I like boats. A lot.

Cutest little sausage ever! AND he's super amazing in his 'Adidog' muscle shirt.

Shaking off the water after his person makes him get in the lake. Repeatedly. I don't think he minded too much though. The little camera ham.

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