Life as a musical… My idea of a more perfect world

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01/10/2010 by etiennefish

I realise I may be a little on the ridiculous/insane side of the spectrum as far as many people are concerned, but does anyone else ever imagine what it would be like if the world was a musical/music video? I often/regularly think about this. Like I look at things going on around me, and think, this would be so much cooler if everyone broke into a dance right now. Like the other night (a few weeks ago), I may have gone with a friend to see Step Up 3d (and no, I’m totally not embarrassed by this admission). It was awesome. I was super jealous about how they all did fabulous dancing throughout New York City, and nobody thought it was strange. In fact, there were multiple DANCE-OFFS. le sigh/swoon…

But okay, I think I digress. The important bit was the film was wonderful (well, not the script in any way, but you know, all the pretty people doing some very pretty dancing. I like dancing (and pretty people). A lot. Oh, and I REALLY wish I lived in the house in that film. Yes, yes I do.), and then at midnight-ish when it ended, I said goodbye to my friend and started my short walk home. After about 100m I have to walk on this path that goes under an overpass, and when I turned the corner onto it, what else was I met with, but a film crew filming a hip hop music video (I know, I know, hip hop music video in Geneva?!? But seriously, true story)! They were in the middle of a shot and the path is narrow and surrounded by hills on either side, so I patiently watched and waited out of range of the cameras for them to break. The entire time I was thinking that if this were a movie, then I would start spontaneously dancing, and they would see how fabulous I was, and then I would get into the video, and then some famous producer would see me, and I’d be rocketed to dance stardom. Instead, they finally stopped filming, and my head was whisked back down to earth, only to say a polite ‘good evening,’ and disappointedly continue on towards home/bed. I did, however, dream fabulous dreams of dance.

Okay, but this whole ‘life as a dance off’ idea isn’t new for me. I’ll be sitting at a bus stop (like a couple days ago with one of my officemates, waiting to head home) and it’ll just hit me. Like the other day, all these cars were stuck at the intersection in front of us forever, and this one car right in front of us had these two guys inside blasting Usher and rocking out in their car. I was thinking that if this was the world in my head (I know, scary thought), the officemate and I would be dancing at the bus stop, doing crazy moves off the little structure we were sitting under. The people at the bus stop across the street would also be dancing. For instance, there were these two little kids sitting there, and I was telling my officemate about how they would be break dancing. I think they would’ve ended up breaking on the roofs of the cars. It would’ve been legendary, I’m telling you.

I mean think about it- There’d be people breaking out in song everywhere, and the streets would be full of some new form of ‘adventure dancing (ooh I like this term!).’ What a workout on your way to the office in the morning! Plus, dancers in ties/business suits= hot. Fact. Oh, and in movies, etc the dancers and singers are all amazing, so I would never have to worry about hitting the wrong note! The world would really be a much more interesting and exciting place, I mean, really. So, I’m sorry to anyone that inadvertently is forced to listen to me sing out loud in random places, or who happen to witness me attempting some uber complicated dance move in the middle of the metro or something that leaves me curled in a painful, upside-down ball on my head or something, but which went off perfectly in my head. Sometimes the world in my dreams accidentally leaks out and runs head first into reality. If only reality were a little more creatively imaginative…

I mean,  clearly some people do get it! I want to live in that world. 🙂

Okay this is a repeat song. But- different country, different year, equally amazing!

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