Introducing Delilah: the snow-ninja-turtle-drag-king, and other snow-related mischief.

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03/12/2010 by etiennefish

Earlier the week we received a massive snowstorm. We got the most snow Geneva has apparently ever received in a 24 hour period (which was pretty amazingly awesome if you ask me). I mean, the last time I measured (which I’ve been doing quite often, to my housemate’s never-ending glee. I mean, these kinds of measurements are important. Plus, I HAD to know the facts! I mean, I think I’ve been pretty clear about how much I enjoy snow?! These things are extremely important), we had over a foot and a half (more than 40 cm)! It’s pretty amazing (I should also note that at this very second, as I type this,  it is also snowing. Hard. There will be more snow when I get home!!!!!!!!).

Anyway, in respect to the Snow Gods, and because no one else was really in the office, we left work early (after consuming a couple bowls of home made snow ice cream, of course [thanks dad for teaching me how to do that. When I was like 5. Don’t worry, I’ve only perfected the ‘dish’ with practice. Newest tip: add cocoa powder. mmmmmm.]). The time had finally arrived to de-virginise the back garden’s perfectly untouched blanket of cold and soft, fluffy goodness.

First, I predictably took lots of photos to document this untouched world of win. Here are a couple:

The view from our front gate

Ze land of perfect virgin snow!!!

Another view- because I am nothing but thorough.

How cool are frozen Snow Roses!?!

The last bits of green in the garden

Frozen pipe- good thing we're not exactly worrying about watering things these days

After photographing everything for posterity’s sake, it was time to begin our reign of havoc and snow destruction on a massive scale! That sounded like a lot of effort, so I started by taking a break.

This bench was not, in fact, warm. Nope. Not At All...

But then, I was totally all business:

The approach

preparing for lift-off


The result

The result

My view of branches and nothingness from my snow dive hole.

My housemate prepared to join in on the fun

The result

So. Hard. To. Get. Up.

After our epic snow-diving session, and much frolicking (i.e. moon-jumping) around the garden, I got the bright idea that the fuzzy beasts needed to join in the fun as well. So I ran inside and grabbed fuzzy beast number 1 (i.e. The Lion). I can’t actually say he was pleased by this development. The first time I threw (read: gently placed him in the snow), he sank up to his chin, and seemed unable (I call it unwilling) to move, and just yowled piteously (read: like a baby). Don’t get me wrong, he generally is a very ferocious monster, it’s not his fault that he was bested by Snow, the pussy (sorry, bad pun intended). In all the excitement, I had alas, forgotten to make sure that my camera was present. So, I picked him up, fetched the camera, brought him back to a carefully chosen parcel of snow, and unceremoniously dumped him out of my arms (I felt bad, but only a little).

I'm not sure he is that fond of this situation?

Unfortunately, I couldn’t get a very good photo. He did, however, pluck up infinitesimal amounts of fuzzy beast courage, and was eventually able to make his way back to the already packed down parts, wherein he immediately raced to the front door and was let back into the sanctum of warmth and light. I think he was less than impressed by his snow adventures. Shrugging my shoulders, I went back inside to grab fuzzy beast number 2 (i.e. the Tiny Panther).


Um. Hell. No.

So guess who had been watching us from the window? This clever little bugger was having none of this ‘snow nonsense.’ He flat out refused with all sorts of squirming and scratching (um RUDE!) to go outside. It was all rather disappointing.

So with our heads bowed in sadness, my housemate and I fiercely braved the cold once more. Our light was fading, and we still had one more important task to undertake before the sun went down completely: create a snow masterpiece.

Agghhhh!!! Agghhhh!!! Fading light!!! Fading Light!!!

And this, my dear friends, is how Delilah, the Sherlock Holmes impersonating, snow-ninja-turtle-drag-king was born. Here is Delilah.

Don’t judge. Delilah was born and perfected in 20 minutes or less

We both took photos with Delilah:

Posed photo number 1


Posed photo number 2

But Delilah wasn’t quite yet complete. Delilah doesn’t like to stay in the Sherlock Holmes drag outfit all the time. I mean, that’s just for work. So before abandoning Delilah for slippers, steaming mugs of cocoa, and piles of duvets, we helped her out of her costume.

First we took off her hat and fixed her hair
So much better

a close-up for the full effect

Then, we helped her out of her scarf and coat.

Um. Surprise!!! We really did try to stop her, but Delilah insisted upon streaking through the garden. It was really all quite unavoidable. But Delilah has no shame, it's true.

Saying our goodnights, we left Delilah to guard the garden for us until morning. But, just to make sure she didn’t get too lonely, we checked on her from time to time, from the window.

She may have also insisted upon facing the church. This was in no way intentional on our parts (oops!).

Tomorrow’s plan: Get Delilah a bra.

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