The burglery.


14/12/2010 by etiennefish

It was Friday night. I had been in high spirits due to an email I’d received about a job interview. My housemate and I had gone straight from work to watch a film. When we arrived at the house and unlocked the door, we saw that the cupboard in the hall was wide open. As we’d gotten back semi-late, we both laughed at the fact that the cats (namely the large one) had broken in, in an attempt to rustle up their own food from the cupboard in their impatience for eatings. Only the small one had come to greet us at the door though, which was sort of strange.

I walked into my room, my housemate went into the kitchen. The first thing I noticed was one of the many cupboards along the wall next to my bed, open and with the contents strewn about. At first, I didn’t understand. Then I looked up, at the same time, realisation was dawning on my housemate. We both stepped into the hall and looked at each other. And, at the same time, we voiced it, ‘We’ve been robbed.’

Every room in the house was a disaster zone. They’d broken a window in the lounge, and proceeded to completely ransack the place. The small cat was acting odd, and the large one (who’s never been afraid of a single thing in his life, with the exception of the occasional broom), was hiding under my bed, terrified, and shaking. He stayed there through most of the night. We concluded that he’d probably gone to investigate the intruders and had been kicked for his troubles.

Despite the damage and the mess, not too much was taken. I lost my old laptop, my little digital camera, an ipod, some money, and, most devastating of all, my brand new amazing and loved, Nikon SLR camera (bought for me as a huge gift to replace the many cameras that were stolen when my house in New Orleans was burgled). My housemate lost her laptop.

The police and the landlords were immediately called. One of the landlords and her husband came over and inspected the place. We waited. And waited. For the police to come. When they finally arrived, I was already exhausted from trying to entertain and keep the landlords from touching things (which they inexplicably felt compelled to do [WHY?!?!?!]). All conversation was done in French, which in my state, was even more exhausting. The saving grace of the police’s visit was that we got to watch them dust fingerprint powder and run other little tests. It was like (as my housemate put it) CSI was in our house (save for the fact that there was [thankfully] no dead body). Plus, one of the detectives was hot. Like really REALLY hot. That totally helped. I mean, if the Swiss police can’t show up in a timely manner, then sending a hot detective was really the least they could do. Fact.

After the police left, we waited for someone to come and put a patch on the window so we didn’t freeze to death (he totally got there faster than the police. Just saying). The window patcher person said that with the number of burgleries happening this holiday season, they won’t have time to do a permanent fix until after the new year. That sucks. People who rob houses are meanies. I do not like them. Nope, not at all.

So yeah, I’m glad we weren’t hurt, and I’m glad that the cats were okay in the end. I’m devastated at the losses, and will have to wait for a few more years at least before I will probably even be able to think about replacing the camera, which makes me extremely sad. I don’t know why I’m so prone to robberies of all sorts, but I guess I’m supposed to say that it only makes me a little bit stronger. These were THINGS that I lost, and even if I considered them important, its more important that we weren’t hurt. At least, that’s what I’m trying to tell myself.

Suffice it to say, though, I don’t have money for things like renter’s insurance, and the landlord’s insurance is unlikely to cover us (insert sad face here). This means, that for the time being, all posts will likely be photo free (one more sad face should be inserted here)… Well, except for this one. Here’s some of the last photos that were uploaded before I lost my camera.

*note* And yes, I realise that it makes me and my housemate look a little crazy, but sometimes when you live in a time capsule of a granny house, in winter, that doesn’t have television or internet (think stone age granny house), and in a city where things like books are prohibitively expensive, and it’s too cold to want to go outside, you get bored. Very, very bored. And then you dress up the cats. And then you take photos of them. Because it is amusing. So yes. Sorry in advance.

Oh, and yeah, 2011? You totally have no choice but to be far awesomer than 2010. Seriously. I’m just saying…


Mother Azreal- the large one dressed as a nun

Not going anywhere: We thought he might not appreciate this, but probably on account that it was quite cold in the house, he didn't move. For like, the rest of the night.

An hour later: a little too warm, one paw came out.

One more hour: the second paw came out for some fresh air


I mean really? Most pampered cat. EVER.


Bubble Slayer- the little one's new profession. He is getting quite good. He now chases bubbles down from across the room and has saved me from certain death by bubble various times. He is quite the valient little protector


Get em!


Look at those moves!


More wrapping of the large one in ridiculous things


Dressing up as little red riding hood


Um yes. even better


another angle


It is a full body costume. Clearly he is not bothered


The little one is not so interested in dressing up, being considerably more concerned about his street cred as bubble slayer extraordinaire. Even so, we managed this much.


Rasta kitty


Movie star glam

The large one, masquerading as a 'cat.'




French kitten


Yes, please tell us how you really feel about dressing as a frenchie.


And finally... the large one as a gay sailor

So, yes, I’m not going to lie, I’m really sad that I lost my camera. I love taking photos, and I loved that camera. However, after posting these photos of the cats, I’ve realised how embarrassing this actually is, and that maybe if it stops me from doing this (EVER) again, it’s honestly for the best. But on the other hand, NOW what are we going to do for the rest of the winter when we’re bored at home?

2 thoughts on “The burglery.

  1. Thea says:

    I’m so sorry about your camera and other belongings. It seems some people are just prone to burglary, which absolutely sucks. And as for the last picture you posted, it gave me a massive grin to see that Pensacola sailor hat! You missed Noel’s gay chicken burlesque act this past Saturday, but she did us proud!

    • etiennefish says:

      hehe. I’m glad you liked that sailor hat. It kept falling down over the large one’s face when we were trying to take it. I was just trying to refrain from making pirate jokes. I heard about the gay chicken burlesque. I’m so sad I missed it! I really need a visit soon!

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