Welcome to Jacmel- playing on our day of rest.

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15/02/2011 by etiennefish

Okay, so immediately following Sunday’s long post where I ranted and raved about not getting to do anything or go anywhere yet, an amazing thing happened. A friendly Zimbabwean that had befriend us the day before, asked me if we’d like to accompany him and the NGO he was coordinating on a trip to some lagoons, artisan shops, and beaches. Clearly, there was no thought process involved in my response. A resounding yes was the obvious choice. So we went. I even managed to upload some photos to document the adventure. It was definitely the best day I’ve had so far in Haiti.

First- a slight backtrack to my hotel room in Port-au-Prince: Computing under the mosquito net before bed.

A room with a view- from my balcony on my first night in Jacmel

On the way to Bassin Bleu- a quick stop (before getting mobbed by small children) at a view point over-looking the city as we made our way up the rough track over a mountain. Such a gorgeous place. Note the white bit at the edge of the ocean. All the sand's white here, causing the effect.

Hiking through the jungle on the way to the lagoons

Laundry day at the first of the lagoons

Photo op at lagoon number 2

Taking in the bright blues at lagoon number 3 while someone swims by.

On route to the final lagoon: we had to use a rope to get there. Clearly cheesy photos ops were necessary.

My OMS partner in crime

The rock: our 'base of operations' for the rest of the day. It is a hard life, I am aware.


Photos from The Rock- our guide through Bassin Bleu insisted upon swimming our cameras to The Rock. Mostly so we could take photos of ourselves jumping off the waterfall on the other side.
The Jumping- our new friends showing us how it was done. And keep in mind, this was only the lower jump. Although it was actually plenty high. Trust me.
Enjoying the view- which is exactly what I was doing. I was certainly not being a baby about jumping off a waterfall and into unknown waters. Nope. Definitely not.
The Jump. It wasn’t terrifying at all.
A bright little school house that we passed on our way back down the mountain.
Fording the river- this is the only way to get to and from Bassin Bleu
Bath time! Boys bathing in the river as we drive by
The Jacmel side of the river. Right next to the city dump.
Vehicles and people bathing side by side
The best photo of the day. Full stop.
Carnaval Sunday is in full swing back in town
Carnaval masks! So amazing
A mask waits to be painted.
The inner workings of a mask shop
Just saying hello.
The beach near Hotel Cyvadier- finally a beach!
Necessary tourist beach photo
I’ll bet this makes you wish you were here
As will this. What a good day.

In my next post I promise to actually talk about work and my life in Jacmel. Probably.

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