Tropical Storm Emily and the night time adventure at the base. Part 1.

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04/08/2011 by etiennefish

This is the story of the night (as in right now at this very instant), when myself and The Canadian, were required to spend the night at our office (or the office of a friend because our office is probably leaky, etc), in order to potentially respond to any kind of health-related, looming disaster that Tropical Storm Emily feels like imparting on our little corner of Haiti.

So anyway, instead of writing the ‘oh my god I’ve been here for 6 months already’ blog that I was intending to bestow upon the world, I will be writing a punch drunk, sleep-deprived work of art, in which I chronicle any exciting/non-exciting moments of this likely to be completely un-restful night.

The Canadian relaxes in our home for the night

At any rate, things are still calm, although the storm is supposed to hit just about any minute now (possibly? I don’t know anymore). The air is muggy (you know, more than usual), hot (also more than usual), and slightly disgusting (yes, you get the picture). Not much rain has fallen yet, and the Canadian is already taking a nap (yes. Typical. Sigh.).

Basically, it is fairly quiet and boring around here and there’s not much to impart (which I imagine is most definitely for the best). However, despite the fact that most of my friends are laughing at me because I don’t get to ride out the storm in the comfort of my own home like they do, I actually have internet, there is air conditioning (and no mosquitoes!!!), and I have about a bazillion hours of films (although there is sadly a total lack of booze. Sad face). I will totally survive.

The base is quiet

Last I heard, the storm is still a bit less than 2 hundred miles off the coast of our little section of Haiti, and is moving slower than originally suspected.

Helping to keep us safe

I will post further updates as things progress and as time allows. Until then, keep your fingers crossed that people will stay safe and that there will be minimal damage at worst.

Stuck in the office. And so I write! (also, I look horrible in this photo. Its sort of terrifying).

PS- please to not make fun of the pillow. Our linens came with the house. Clearly not of my own choosing.

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