Tropical Storm Emily, the adventures continue. (part 2)

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04/08/2011 by etiennefish

So our night at the base passed us by completely uneventfully. Aside from a short hard rain burst at some ungodly hour, there was really no excitement at all (well aside from getting invited to eat food with the Sri Lankan military- Oh spicy goodness, how I love you).

Apparently, Emily is just going to take her time getting here (she slowed down to practically nothing). Which would be fine, it IS her party after all, except for the fact that now I have gotten like 2 hours of sleep maximum, not a bit of which was good (i.e. really annoying bar in camp bed digging into my back all night), and I am not really up to facing the world. But, as usual, I’m putting on a brave face and just toughing it out…. (i.e. I am going to take a nap as soon as I finish writing this.)

Proposed napping location (next to my extremely messy desk)

We were lucky enough, however to get the chance to return home quickly for showerings, food, coffee, and teeth brushings, without which I am fairly sure my day would have been infinitely more miserable (as would the day of those around me). Plus, the cat was overjoyed to see us, which, as we are only on this earth in order to serve him, was certainly a good thing.

The sky from outside our office door at around 10:30 this morning.

Its starting to get pretty windy outside now (there is also a slight rain falling). At least temperatures are blessedly within reason at the moment (I’ll be jumping up and down with joy if I have to dig out the hoodie). This is also a good thing, because air conditioners do not like to work in my presence (i.e. ours is once again on the fritz) and our container of an office is suspiciously akin to a large baking device otherwise known as an oven.

In preparation for the weather conditions to come, only essential staff are here on base today, so from our little field team its just myself and the Canadian.

The Canadian attempts to be productive.

With the rest of our staff at home, this means that I was suddenly given driving privileges (which is fairly exciting, I really must say), and I managed to make it from ours all the way to the office (yes all approximately 6.7 minutes of it) without hitting a single motorbike or random pedestrian in the middle of the road (quite a feat in this town to be sure)! I may have been fairly proud of myself, it’s true. And furthermore, I can now say I’ve driven in Haiti (although to be fair I DID drive a friend’s ambulance for like 2 seconds a week or two ago, but I don’t think that counts…)

The sky starts getting dark above our car

And now as the rain pelts down on our metal roof, and the wind starts to really gust, I am going to go find some coffee. Clearly this napping thing was just the stuff of dreams…. Sigh…

As the wind starts, in the last moments before the sky begins dumping down upon us.

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