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30/07/2012 by etiennefish

I will write a proper blog post soon (I owe you one. But unfortunately, when I’ve had the time, the internets here won’t let me open my wordpress and/or my photo-hosting sites), but I just have, um, many photos I want to share (and are sadly not even representative of the amazing photographs that could be taken here). This country is photogenic. Fact.

So I figured it was time to get a bunch of them out, in like one huge photo purge. I hope no one minds (there may be another purge soon. This is not even a quarter of the photos I would like to be sharing)…

Houses near one of my bases

Courtyard at a monastery, that’s being rebuilt after years of conflict.

Blue skies and patchwork fields.

Awkward poses and pretty views

This is the perfectly round hill that we want to one day stop and have a picnic on top of

You’ve gotta love that smile. Random break on the side of the road friends are always the most fun

Hanging out in the garden


Making cheese

Watching a presentation

Side trip to see the waterfall

This road is worse than it looks. I promise.

Waiting for the rain.

beautiful lake day


The one not scary bug in my room

Sunday fun day

Relaxing spot in Goma

Hillside village

The bustling metropolis of Kitshanga


Evening in the compound

Waiting to be seen at a health clinic

I get to hang out with this fuzzy beast all the time. Its not so bad.

Everyone likes a quick puppy break. And yes, she’s about to get fancy with sunglasses.

3 thoughts on “DRC photo post

  1. Holly says:

    Just thought I should let you know how much I love looking at your photos and reading your blog! (cos I bet you probs don’t expect that all these aquaintances you meet in random places along the way actually follow your life through ur blog!). I actually happened to be in Ethiopia for work this year (for one day only!) and met up with Danielle, and then later on saw Steph in Germany… so who knows if our paths will cross too! Although no plans to go to the DRC in my near future….
    Keep up your good work, sound like you’re on an amazing yet challening adventure.

    • etiennefish says:

      Hey! I’m really glad to hear from you, and happy that you are enjoying the blog. I’m jealous that you got to go back to Ethiopia. I really had some great experiences there. What were you up to for work? That’s great too that you’ve had the chance to see Danielle and Steph. I might be quickly passing through their end of Canada soon, so I was going to try and see if they were around, but they’re probably off wandering around the world like the rest of us. Anyway, please let me know if you end up somewhere near here. It would be great to have a catch up!

  2. wso download says:

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